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Lime Render Somerset
Roofing Repairs Somerset
Roofing Repairs Somerset

Lime is a very traditional building material. It can be used as a mortar for traditional buildings, as a render to give protection to walls built of poor quality rubble stone or brick and as a wash, to apply colour to the inside of a traditional property.

Lime works by acting as a sponge. It will absorb rainfall or moisture and then allow it to evaporate, rather than soak into the wall, allowing the property to breath. If a lime mortar is replaced by cement or if a render is removed or replaced with a cement rich render than the property will suffer from damp.

Limewash will give a traditional, breathable finish to old and problem walls. Unlike paint, limewash will penetrate the surface and the colour is built up by applying several coats.

At Trendle Conservation, we have experience with all aspects of working with lime, from replacing lime mortar, lime rendering to decorating internally with lime wash.

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