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Cob Buildings Somerset
Somerset Cob Building
Somerset Cob Building
Cob Buildings

Cob is a traditional building material that has been very popular in the past and is growing in popularity again. In fact it is estimated that as many as 25% of the buildings in the world are constructed from cob or comparable materials. Somerset, like much of England has many examples of fine cob buildings, both historical as well as new builds using this traditional and sustainable material. Cob can last for centuries with care and functions as well after a hundred years as it did when it was first built.

Maintenance and repair

The most common reason we are called in to work on a cob building is that it has gone for a long time with zero maintenance. Either the building has stood vacant, or the owners simply didn't realise what maintenance is required for cob.

Cob doesn't require intensive care or constant maintenance, but it shouldn't be ignored either. The walls need to be checked on an annual basis for damage, the render and plaster need to be checked and replaced if needed. Erosion from the weather is one potential problem , but cracks and holes can be made by vermin. This is something which needs to be dealt with promptly and effectively to ensure that serious structural damage doesn't occur. We can repair cob using a variety of techniques, depending on the damage done, the style of the building and the original construction method.

Traditionally, repairing cob involves creating fresh cob and rebuilding the damaged section of wall in the same way as it was first built. This means building up the cob within a shuttering framework. Then we allow the fresh cob to dry and shrink naturally while managing and monitoring this process.

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